Friday, August 29, 2008

Sacrificial Love

Alas, I found a blog with sentiments that I might use to go with Clay's song, "Sacrificial Love," which incidentally is my favorite off his CD, "On My Way Here," if I were going to make a montage. But wait...I can't make a montage. I have no artistic ablility.

Anyway, the blog is here:

(You will have to scroll down because it was posted a while ago.)

But...but, there's no music. I, of course, think everyone on the planet should hear this song. So, I go to YouTube and look for the music. The only one I would consider using has the embedding disabled by request, so, I sort of gave up. Then, my friend SueReu made this most-excellent montage this week and my hope was renewed. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

What a great montage. A great match between song and subject matter. Thanks for posting it!

SueReu said...

*sniff* I truly love Sacrificial Love - it's also my favorite on OMWH.

Great blog! I remember that original blog and wanted to give it a STANDING OVATION!!!!